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Dear members and partners,

This September, with the unstable economic context and our current regulatory burden, Léko continues to grow. With over 50,000 producers of all sizes now putting their trust in us, at Léko we are positioning ourselves as a genuine alternative in the field of producer responsibility organisations authorised to operate in the domestic packaging sector. Both in France and internationally, our service is available to all businesses, but especially those who hold social and environmental responsibility as a core focus for their development.

Over the first half of the year, we have met so many people who are committed to shifting approaches to packaging. Now that we are looking ahead to 2023, it is time to deliver on our shared commitments. Producers, local authorities, partners, it’s time to get together and share ideas, and where better than in person at the Salon Produrable conference? We’ll be there on 13 and 14 September at stand PL 53. See you soon!

Patrick Bariol
Managing Director


We celebrate reaching 50,000 members and our new tagline!

One hundred in 2020, 800 in 2021 and now 50,000 businesses have joined Léko since 1 January 2022! This progression, made possible through the major brands that have chosen Léko as a trusted partner, has also had a boost through online sales sites known as marketplaces, that host a multitude of third party sellers, or “merchants”.

Going forward, these marketplaces must ensure that the businesses using their platforms to sell are meeting their regulatory obligations in the same way as in traditional distribution, and that they contribute to funding the management of waste generated by their operations in France. Third party sellers must register directly with an authorised producer responsibility organisation, which entitles them to a Unique Identification Number (UIN) issued by ADEME, the French agency for ecological transition. In the event of a merchant failing to comply, the marketplace must assume this responsibility on their behalf.

Failure to comply with these obligations may attract a sanction of up to €7,500 per legal entity, and an administrative fine of up to €30,000.

“These third party sellers should have been supported long ago to bring their operations into compliance (decree of 1 April 1992), and have now been alerted by their marketplaces in the light of the new obligations incumbent on them since 1 January 2022 in accordance with the AGEC law1. These sellers have overwhelmingly chosen Léko for their journey to compliance with this new regulation, explains Marion Halby, Léko’s head of regulatory affairs. We have a crucial educational role to play for businesses that do not necessarily have a legal department. We lighten the load for them through the important job of building awareness, enabling them to contribute to the organization of the end-of-life of their packaging in France”

“Léko has supported us with our specific issues and helped us thanks to their expertise” confirms Diane Maffre, Sustainable Supply Chain Lead at ManoMano, a well-known DIY and gardening Marketplace that has recently joined Léko.

The acceleration of our commitment for all our those using our services is underscored by the adoption of Léko’s new brand signature. From a new generation producer responsibility organisation at our launch, Léko now becomes the producer responsibility organisation for companies who care. “Beyond the environmental impact of packaging, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is more of a core concern for our members, explains Lucile Fainéant, Léko's marketing and communication manager. This new signature underscores our willingness to stand by their side to go further together! "


A deposit return scheme is a priority for our members and Club-Mate and it's a concept that new partners like La Tournée are committed to!

The aim of the deposit scheme is simple: Instead of throwing away containers, they are reused. This may mean paying an additional fee when buying a product that is then refunded when the container is returned to the shop, or another system, but the idea is that the container should be washed before it is refilled. Wave goodbye to single use packaging!

Knowing what we do now about environmental issues means that expansion of deposit schemes is a strong driver for companies who put products on the market. In addition, the French government’s reduce, reuse and recycle plan, Stratégie 3R, requires companies with sufficient sales revenue to switch to 5% reusable packaging by 2023 and 10% by 2027.

Many of our Léko members have adopted this type of packaging and turned it into a strength. There are numerous advantages to a deposit scheme. It leads to water savings of 33% compared to manufacturing a new bottle, and energy consumed is reduced by 76% with 79% lower greenhouse gas emissions. A glass bottle in a deposit return scheme can be reused up to 50 times!

What is more, raw materials are becoming increasingly rare and the price of new bottles has risen by 45%, so the right moment has come for deposit schemes to return to the fore as a common sense solution.

We only need look at , founded two years ago. This B corp certified company sells organic and vegan wine in reusable bottles, produced by winemakers who care and preserve biodiversity! They aim to promote sustainable agriculture and conscious consumption through a day-to-day commitment to responsible approaches and choices when it comes to deposit schemes, zero waste supply chain and the Oé programme for biodiversity. Their sites even use renewable energy!

However, Oé has now come up against a major issue: the silica shortage. Glassmakers can no longer provide definite production dates and therefore supply dates for bottles for their wine, which is why the company decided to switch from transparent to green bottles for its white wines. The reason for this is that green bottles cause half the carbon emissions than the new glass that is required for transparent bottles. This is because green bottles can be made from a up to 75% recycled glass (the remainder being new silica) compared to a maximum of 30% recycled glass to produce a transparent bottle.

Other brands have also embraced deposit schemes, such as Club-Mate, one of Léko’s earliest members and a member of our executive board. Club-Mate markets an energising, sparkling infusion of 100% natural yerba maté, manufactured at the Loscher family brewery in the forests of Bavaria, Germany, since 1924, and available in returnable glass bottles. With an exclusively renewable energy supply since the early 2000s, the production unit emits no carbon. The brewery has always had a keen eye on its environmental impact, and has also chosen a plant-based glue to attach the labels to Club-Mate bottles.

Both Oé and Club-Mate are available from La Tournée, a concept dreamed up in spring 2021 by Camille and Juliette. Launched in November that same year, La Tournée’s electric vehicles pass through your area several times a week to deliver the drinks you choose in returnable glass bottles. Empty bottles are collected at each delivery in exchange for a deposit to cover the bottles being washed and reused. The consumer can choose from numerous well-known drinks brands as well as local brands, the perfect way to buy local with zero waste!


New legislation: Informing the consumer about the environmental characteristics of products that generate waste.

This Decree1, published on 29 April 20221, defines the application of how producers and importers should give consumers the right information about the environmental characteristics and features of products that generate waste.

The environmental characteristics and features are the key aspects that the consumer should be informed about with the aim of improving waste prevention and management.
This new decree applies to all producers, importers and any other party that brings products to market that reports at least 10,000 products on the market each year, and that has a sales revenue exceeding 10 million Euros.
This means they must inform consumers about the characteristics and conditions for improving waste prevention and management.

What information is needed where packaging is concerned?
  • Whether it can be composted, with the statement “compostable packaging”
  • Whether it contains recycled materials, with the statement “product/packaging contains at least [%] recycled materials”
  • Whether it can be reused, with the statement “reusable packaging” or “refillable packaging”.
  • Whether it can be recycled, with the statement “mostly recyclable packaging” or “fully recyclable packaging” or “packaging can be recycled into the same kind of packaging article” according to its potential for recycling and the defined criteria.
This applies to new products on the market aimed at consumers and subject to Extended Producer Responsibility; it is in force now, or from 2023 if the packaging articles were manufactured or imported before April 2022.

Producers must make information available electronically and, if applicable, in the ways defined by the decree, through displaying, labelling or any other legible and understandable device, at the time of purchase. The format must be easily reusable and workable, remaining available for two years after the last product unit concerned is brought to market.

Important: The 5 criteria for recyclability
  • Collected in the area through nearby collection pointsé
  • Sorted: sent to recycling facilities
  • Contamination avoide: from sorting, recycling or use
  • Majority of material recycled: over 50 % of waste mass collected
  • Industrial and practical scale:facilities provide a quality and sustainable output for which there is a demand

1https://www.legifrance.gouv.fr/jorf/id/JORFTEXT000045726094 , Decree pursuant to article 13 of the AGEC law, and article L541-9-1 of the French environmental code



Les Laboratoires de Biarritz, which has joined Léko, was founded in 2010 by Muriel and Jean-Marc Dubois, a visionary couple who are passionate about surfing and nature.

The first product launched by the couple was a sunscreen range that is kind to skin and the ocean, inspired by the red seaweed found on the Atlantic coast in Western France.

Equipped with exceptional protection and defence mechanisms, these marine organisms have survived for millennia in hostile environments.

The range of sunscreen sprays contains 100 % ingredients of natural origin and is certified organic (ECOCERT). For its packaging, Les Laboratoires de Biarritz uses Airless bottles which offer a high level of protection for the formula, meaning a minimum of preservatives can be used. The Airless system offers the best possible protection for a product because no air can enter the container; Airless bottles protect these skincare products from oxidation and pollution, meaning the preparations have greater efficacy and last longer. If that wasn’t enough, the Airless solution avoids waste since the entire product is dispensed, avoiding residue left inside.

This seaweed extract is present in the brand's SPF30 and SPF50+ sunscreen sprays. These products provide a high level of natural protection due to anti-UVA/UVB mineral sunscreens and the patented extract of the acclaimed red seaweed, Alga-Gorria®, a powerful antioxidant that neutralises free radicals to prevent the cell damage and skin ageing caused by the sun’s rays. The other active ingredients consist only of minerals (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide), organic coconut oil and sunflower oil.


Reclay group, which founded Léko ranks among Germany’s Best in the Field of Sustainability.

In a study by the german Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF), Deutschland Test and Focus, Reclay was awarded in the category “Germany’s Best – Sustainability”. was awarded in the category “Germany’s Best – Sustainability”. For the survey, online news portals and social media channels were evaluated on previously defined search terms. The survey examined which companies and brands were mentioned, how often, and which tonality (positive, neutral, negative) the mention had. The respective industry winner was then awarded 100 points in a subsequent point scale from 0 to 100 and thereby set the benchmark for all other surveyed companies in the same industry.

Reclay Group among the Top 7 Business Consultants in Germany

Reclay was ranked 7th place in the “Business Consultants” sector with a score of 82. “Having already been voted trendsetter of the year in the field of business consultancy last year, this renewed award is further confirmation and recognition of our innovative performance in the environment of the (inter)national circular economy”, Reclay founder and managing director Raffael A. Fruscio is pleased to say. “It was a little over a year ago that we outsourced our consulting services and founded RecycleMe as an independent consultancy. The fact that we have already received our second honor for this consulting service during the first year makes us very proud. Whether the associated publication in the Focus magazine mentions Reclay or RecycleMe as the company name is irrelevant to us – we see it as an extremely positive sign for the direction and commitment of our entire group of companies.”

Fruscio is additionally convinced that the ranking of the Reclay Group can also be seen as a positive sign for the value of the circular economy industry in german society. When a company, that has its origins in environmental management and recycling solutions, is listed in a category with major consultants such as Roland Berger, Accenture or Boston Consulting, it must be emblematic of the increasing importance of the circular economy in the public perception. “And it is precisely this public perception that our industry needs. The circular economy can only function together – legislators, industry and consumers must work together if we seriously want to tackle challenges such as resource scarcity and environmental pollution. We will continue to contribute our part and provide our expertise and know-how to make the right solutions available.”



Léko is a young, state-approved eco-organisation, which aims to modernise the household packaging sector in France. Founded on the initiative of the Reclay Group, an international player in the management of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), Léko was created to provide companies and institutions with value-added services to manage their packaging obligations.

Our objectives are both simple and ambitious:

  • Contribute to increasing the recycling rate for household waste.
  • Simplify sorting wherever possible.
  • Simplify and adapt the management of the various obligations to the producers’/retailers’ sectors of activity.
  • Provide an international and multi-channel response.
  • Provide practical solutions to entrepreneurs and all those who find that the current system does not meet their expectations.




Whether you already have a contract with an eco-organisation or you want to ensure compliance with the regulations, simply go to our website: www.leko-organisme.fr/clients/

  • Becoming a member is quick and easy, and done directly online.
  • If you wish to join us in 2023, simply terminate your current contract by the 31th October 2022 at the latest.
  • Sign the membership contract with Léko before 31 December.

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us: contact@leko-organisme.fr