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Dear members and partners,

This last newsletter of the year is an opportunity for us to thank you, our loyal supporters, who have followed us and have constantly encouraged throughout 2022 in building together an environment in which the impact of packaging on the environment is reduced. They are the many Producers more than 60,000 who joined us in 2022, those who have promised us their support in 2023, and also the vast community of various bodies involved: local authorities, federations, associations, start-ups, etc. who support us.

As every year, the annual reporting campaign will start at the beginning of January. Our reinforced team has mobilised and a new tool will be ready for your use.

The whole Léko team joins me in wishing you a happy holiday and lots of new projects for 2023!

Patrick Bariol
Managing Director


MyLéko: A new space for members.

With 60,000 members, a new dedicated space was clearly necessary, we called it MyLéko. It will be available for the 2022 reporting period which will be done online starting from January 2023 in order to simplify the reporting process and making documents available.

Each member will receive their login and password in the next few days to access their personal space. As of 2 January 2023, each member will thereby be able to file their reporting for 2022 on their profile page. A simple and efficient way to find the information you are looking for!


The laureates of our call for projects "Packaging, towards a responsible approach" are revealed!

To meet the challenge of reducing, reusing and recycling household packaging, on 3 October 2022, Léko and the crowdfunding platform, Ulule, launched a call for projects "Packaging, towards a responsible approach ". The objective is to foster the emergence of best practices and help the entire sector in developing new models. In addition to supporting projects through crowdfunding campaigns, this "Packaging, towards a responsible approach" call for projects will give awards to the ten most innovative projects by

June 2023, to give these initiatives visibility throughout the country.

In all, 31 projects have been submitted to our "Packaging, towards a responsible approach” call for projects. The first selection committee was held on 7 November during which the first three projects were chosen:

  • Opopop : The reusable and refundable parcel that aims to reduce the waste related to the 1.5 billion parcels sent in France each year
  • Etic Emballages : The returnable alternative to disposable take-away packaging to replace the 600 million packages delivered per year
  • Reverredire : The regional channel of reuse of glass bottles in New Aquitaine and which works on 3 aspects: Logistical advice, washing and trading. Through this last project, it is also the association Les retournées, member of Reverredire, which will benefit from Léko's support for the development of their multipurpose food container washing site.

The jury was composed of representatives from the whole packaging value chain, from producers to recyclers, and including consumers and other recycling organisations.

The call for projects will continue until May 2023, and applicants who wish to take part can submit their projects using this link. The jury will meet again on 29 March and 6 June 2023. This scheme is open to businesses or associations of all sizes that wish to promote or launch initiatives relating to the circular economy of their packaging. In order to be eligible, projects must meet one of these three criteria: :

  • propose a product that uses innovative recyclable or reusable packaging; or
  • propose a solution for collecting or processing of packaging to facilitate its reuse or recycling; or
  • propose a product made from recycled household packaging.

Each application will be examined by the Léko and Ulule teams and the jury will select the most relevant projects. The ten projects selected for the whole campaign will each receive 5,000 € in financial support, tailored advice, and special promotion to the Ulule and Léko communities by means of a video.

Lastly, in June 2023, the ten winning projects will be submitted to public voting. An additional grand prize of 10,000 € will be awarded to the project with the highest number of votes.

“With this call for projects, we intend to enable the entire industry to accelerate the reuse and recycling of household packaging by promoting useful and inspiring initiatives," explained Patrick Bariol, the Manager Director of Léko. The aim is to boost the rate at which household packaging is recycled and also to limit its production. This is as much an ecological as a regulatory issue: as of 2023, the biggest producers will have to market a minimum of 5% of reused packaging rising to 10% for all producers by 2027. Here we are fully playing our role with respect to our producers and partners, by helping them to devise new solutions.

Léko has selected Ulule to accompany this campaign so that project promoters could benefit from the experience of the French leader in managing crowdfunding operations.

“It is with great enthusiasm that we are hosting on our platform this new and very symbolic initiative, promoted by Léko. Our teams have been mobilised to identify innovative projects throughout the entire country, to support them with their crowdfunding campaign, and to show that different, and more virtuous, way of producing is now not only possible but truly indispensable", stated Valérie Brouchoud, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Communication, Brands and Partnerships VP of Ulule.

1The Decree of 8 April 2022 requires producers to use a minimum proportion of reused packaging from 2023. This obligation will apply at varying rates depending on the revenue of each producer


Get ready for the regulatory changes of 2023 with Léko!

Here is a compilation of the regulations that will enter into force at the beginning of the year:
  • The beginnings of regulations on the proportion of reusable packaging to be placed on the market (Decree No. 2022-507).
    From 2023, producers with revenue exceeding 50 million euro in France will have to put at least 5% of reusable packaging on the market. In a general manner, 2023 will be a decisive year for launching reuse projects in order to reach the target of 10% for all companies by 2027. From 2023 onwards, Léko will apply 5% of its contributions to the project.
  • The development of the Prevention and Eco-design Plan (Article 72 of the Anti-waste law for a circular economy).
    This plan must be completed by 2023 for the 5 forthcoming years and must be submitted to Léko by its members. It should include plans or information on the reduction, reuse, origin of raw materials, consumption of recycled materials and recyclability of household packaging placed on the market.
  • Providing consumers with information on the environmental characteristics of household packaging (Decree No. 2022-748),
    From 1st January 2023, producers, importers or any other market operator reporting the annual market placement of at least 10,000 relevant products, and with revenue in excess of 10 million euro in France will have to inform consumers of the qualities and environmental characteristics of products that generate waste. For household packaging, it will be necessary to provide information on the recyclability, the incorporation of recycled materials, the compostability and the potential for reuse of such packaging.

    The information should be available to the consumer in dematerialised and reusable format, accessible free of charge at the time of purchase.
  • The deadline for the affixing the new sorting instructions
    The time period granted for selling off stock will expire on 9 March 2023, except for packaging that was manufactured prior to 09/09/2022 and which was taken over by the packaging operator before 09/03/2023, irrespective of whether or not such packaging operator has filled the packaging. Such packaging may still be put on the market after this date without displaying the new sorting instructions until the stock has been sold off. As of 9 March 2023, all new packaging must bear the new sorting or reuse signs. Other deadlines are defined for 2023 for products to which relate EPR packaging and other EPRs: textiles, WEEE, drugs, furniture, etc.
  • The contribution of producers to clearing up illegal dumping
    As of 2023, through their contribution to the eco-organisation, producers will contribute to the costs of clearing up illegally dumped household packaging.


Juliette: A marine universe !

The brand Juliette, member of Léko, considers that our homes are a mine of opportunities for improving our health and protecting the environment. The aim of Juliette: a healthier home!

Juliette has therefore developed a colourful and fun line of hygiene, baby care and household products. Juliette's story began at the beach, where Baptiste and Karline, the creators of the brand, realised the impact of our consumption on the marine ecosystem. After naming their brand after their daughter, they therefore naturally made the ocean their brand identity: visual identity, storytelling, design etc.

Made in France with 100% natural ingredients, most of their products are refillable using sachets of ingredient concentrates: just add tap water! You can refill your bottle with these sachets, whether it is for toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, the window spray or the multi-purpose spray. By doing this, the quantity of plastic used is reduced by 30 !

Juliette is committed to raising children's awareness of recycling, especially using the "Recyclopedia", a 25-page e-book on how the packaging in our yellow garbage is recycled and given a second life, available for free of charge on their website. Simplified and illustrated information enabling you to put your knowledge into practice with quizzes and activities that you can carry out with your children!


RecycleMe joins RecyClass as third-party certification body.

RecycleMe, the international consulting firm that belongs to the RAAN that created Léko, signed a cooperation agreement with the cross-industry initiative RecyClass, to certify the recyclability of plastic packaging. RecycleMe assumes the role of an official external and transnational certification body.

As a non-profit and cross-industry platform committed to advancing the recyclability of plastic products and packaging, RecyClass was founded in 2014 by the Plastic Recyclers Europe (PRE) association. In order to counteract the increasing environmental impact of plastic waste, the platform has developed its own testing and validation procedures for the evaluation and classification of plastic packaging.

The independent business consultancy RecycleMe is part of the Raan Group, which also includes Reclay as an international service provider in the field of environmental and waste management. The consulting team advises customers at locations worldwide in the fields of packaging recyclability.

RecycleMe Expands Portfolio with RecyClass-Certification

As an official certification body, the RecycleMe team is now also expanding its service portfolio to include certification according to the RecyClass Methodology. With market expertise in Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Slovakia and Spain, RecycleMe offers a Recyclability Rate Assessment. This assessment, in addition to the general RecyClass Design for Recycling Guidelines, takes into account infrastructure in the approved countries. RecycleMe is also recognized to carry out the Design for Recycling Assessment and issue a Letter of Compatibility, which are part of the RecyClass Recyclability Certification scheme and places a stronger focus on general design aspects applicable in the EU.

The Managing Director of RecycleMe, Sabrina Goebel, is pleased with the expansion of the portfolio, “We are very proud to be selected as a certification body by the renowned RecyClass initiative. This indicates a great appreciation of our international expertise in the field of packaging recyclability.” Goebel also views RecyClass as a strong partner with common goals regarding the optimization of plastic recyclability. “Within a modern and global circular economy, we must work together along the value chain to counteract challenges from the high and growing volume of plastics. Together with the manufacturing companies, we want to ensure that the best possible recycling is always considered during production, use and disposal.”

About RecycleMe

RecycleMe is an international management consultancy and trading company of Raan Group in the field of sustainable packaging management. The team advises and supports renowned customers from various industries in optimizing the recyclability of their packaging and fulfilling extended producer responsibility obligations. The RecycleMe brand combines state-of-the-art technical capabilities, digital assessment tools and innovative solutions to benefit companies in terms of national and international requirements in a modern circular economy through holistic approaches.

About RecyClass

RecyClass is a non-profit, cross-industry initiative advancing recyclability, bringing transparency to the origin of plastic waste and establishing a harmonized approach toward recycled plastic calculation & traceability in Europe. RecyClass develops Recyclability Evaluation Protocols and scientific testing methods for innovative plastic packaging materials which serve as the base for the Design for Recycling Guidelines and the RecyClass Online Tool. RecyClass established Recyclability Certifications for plastic packaging, Recycling Process Certification and RecycledPlastics Traceability Certification for plastic products.


About us

Léko is a young, state-approved eco-organization, which aims to modernize the household packaging sector in France. Founded on the initiative of the Reclay Group, an international player in the management of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), Léko was created to provide companies and institutions with value-added services to manage their packaging obligations.

Léko is at the service of producers to offer them support in their compliance and packaging reduction issues. Léko is also committed to working with many actors: local authorities, operators, associations, etc. to review how packaging is managed in France.

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Whether you already have a contract with an eco-organisation or you want to ensure compliance with the regulations, simply go to our website: www.leko-organisme.fr/clients/

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us: contact@leko-organisme.fr

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