Zero Waste France

Zero Waste France 1587 1500 admin

All partners Zero Waste France is an independent citizens' association that campaigns for waste reduction and better resource management. It works with all...

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The plastic fresco

The plastic fresco 1389 1964 admin

All partners La Fresque du Plastique is an educational project designed to raise public awareness of the issues surrounding plastic pollution. The workshop follows the pedagogical style of...

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Oceanopolis 1389 1964 admin

All partners Océanopolis is a National Center for Scientific Culture dedicated to the Ocean. For over 30 years, Océanopolis, a Brest Métropole facility managed by Brest'aim, has been a...

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No plastic in my Sea

No plastic in my Sea 1389 1964 admin

All partners Founded by citizens, sea lovers and parents concerned about not leaving an environmental debt to their children, No Plastic In My...

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Under the Pole

Under the Pole 1587 1500 admin

All partners Under the Pole is an underwater exploration program that combines scientific research, innovation and awareness-raising, in the service of better understanding and preservation of the oceans.

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