Léko supports Animo Impact and its innovative solution for recycling pet food packaging

Léko supports Animo Impact and its innovative solution for recycling pet food packaging

Léko supports Animo Impact and its innovative solution for recycling pet food packaging 688 560 admin-Leko

Léko is delighted to announce its partnership with Animo Impact 

 This company, founded in 2023, has developed an innovative process for recycling multi-material pet food packaging. Currently rarely recycled because they are too complex, this packaging can now be recycled into pet accessories. As part of this partnership, Animo Impact is now making its collection boxes available to a network of 6,500 veterinary clinics throughout France. The packaging will then be processed inAnimo Impact's recycling plant, to be built in 2025 thanks to financial support from Léko and its members who produce these products.

Every year, 10,000 tonnes of pet food packaging , such as kibble bags, are thrown away in France... but very few are recycled: their multi-material composition makes them too difficult to process through conventional recycling channels, so the vast majority end up in landfill or incineration.

An innovative industrial process for recycling multi-material packaging

To remedy this situation, canine cleanliness expert Olivier Rasse and veterinarian Dr. Eric Maerten founded Animo Impact in 2023. Animo Impact. The company has developed an innovative industrial process to recreate a raw material from this multi-material plastic waste, and integrate it into the manufacture of new products for animals (litter trays, accessories, etc.) thanks to a recycling and injection process.

Thanks to the financial backing of Léko, and the support of FACCO (Fédération des fabricants d'Aliments pour Chiens, Chats, Oiseaux et autres animaux familiiers), Animo Impact will build a recycling plant using this breakthrough technology in Marsillargues (34) by 2025.

An original method of collection from veterinary clinics

As of today, Animo Impact is organizing the collection of the waste that will feed this plant, thanks to an innovative partnership with a potential 6,500 veterinary clinics in France: these will be equipped with drop-off boxes, enabling pet owners to deposit their empty pet food packaging. These containers will then be transported by the Centravet distribution center to the recycling center. After sorting the various materials, over 95% of the packaging is recycled into pet accessories. And, to complete the circular approach, part of this production will be redistributed free of charge to animal protection associations and shelters.

A structuring partnership to develop a breakthrough technology

We're delighted to support this innovative approach, combining waste recycling, the circular economy and technological innovation," explains Patrick Bariol, Léko's Managing Director. Managing to recycle multi-material packaging represents a huge step forward for the years to come: today, France only recycles 23% of its plastic packaging. Helping to increase our recycling capacities, particularly for the most complex packaging, is part of the mission entrusted to us by the French government, and one that we are proud to fulfil, in the service of the brands that place their trust in us.

We'd like to thank Léko for its trust and support," says Olivier Rasse, co-founder of Animo Impact. We look forward to developing this innovative project, thanks also to the mobilization of veterinarians. Finally, we're counting on the commitment of pet owners: today, they represent one in two French people. Their impact will be considerable in helping France to catch up in terms of plastic packaging recycling.

For further information, please contact Animo Impact at the following e-mail address:


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