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Léko offers its members a wide range of new services, in collaboration with the independent consultancy RecycleMe by Valorie, to support all companies and institutions wishing to improve their environmental footprint, and enter the circular economy era head-on!

In addition to the services already offered by Léko as a Producer Responsability Organisation (PRO), RecycleMe by Valorie offers a range of support services for companies in all areas of EPR:

Regulatory support :

  • Monitoring regulatory developments in the field of packaging and recycling
  • Support for international obligations (verification of EPR obligations, compliance, environmental labelling, etc.)
  • Prefiguration of PWR systems
  • Training on Extended Producer Responsibility

Operational support :

  • Database creation (entry, analysis and documentation of all packaging data to meet legal requirements)
  • Management of international EPR obligations (contractual and reporting)
  • Optimization and delegation of EPR declarations (all sectors)
  • Assistance with declarative audits (Austria, Belgium, France, ...)
  • Declaration training

Technical support :

  • Assessing packaging recyclability
  • Sorting center tests
  • Eco-design of products and packaging
  • Setting up circular economy loops
  • Materials and eco-design training

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