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Our Governance

Léko is a simplified joint stock company, created in October 2016 to apply for and obtain its first approval as an eco-organization for the household packaging sector in France for the period 2018-2022. According to the principle of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), Léko is a company invested with a non-profit mission of general interest.

Governance to define the future of EPR

The governance constituted since March 30, 2020 is composed mainly of six packaging marketers and three international consulting companies related to EPR management that will potentially represent marketers who import products into the national territory. Each director has one vote on the Board of Directors. This majority of directors who are directly Producers and contributors for their marketing activities guarantees the total control and independence of the decisions voted.

Issuers on the market

(67% of voting rights)

Committed actors who refuse the status quo, each in their own sector, the marketers who support Léko's development all have their say and above all act to concretely reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. Entrepreneurs and developers, they work for a circular economy and will guide Léko to build a constructive and efficient alternative in the packaging sector. They will contribute to France achieving its ambitious goals in terms of sustainable development.

  • World leader in printing solutions
  • Has placed CSR at the heart of its business model
  • "Offer a second chance to High Tech products
  • Destocking of new and refurbished IT products
  • Reusable and connected packaging
  • Inventor of free floating packaging
  • Natural energy drink made from mate leaf
  • Committed to the relaunch of the bottle deposit in France
  • Active member of the " Consigne Network
  • Expert in the resale and reconditioning of smartphones
  • Trade-in solutions dedicated to the needs of the second life of mobiles
  • Remanufacturer and recycler of print cartridges and IT equipment
  • Socially committed and leader of "Re-made in France

Consulting firms with expertise in packaging and EPR

(33% of voting rights)

The other directors, who are internationally oriented, are experts in EPR sectors. They will put their experience at the service of the French packaging sector and will be able to guide Léko to best serve the needs of companies in France and beyond for multi-stream compliance. They will also represent international marketers who delegate the management of their international compliance to them.

  • Group of companies promoting a functional and modern circular economy in a variety of different fields.
  • Raan includes Léko and Reclay.
  • International independent consultant specialized in waste
  • Brand Strategy Specialist
  • Representative of marketers

Our Stakeholder Committee

Since 2023, Léko has set up its new governance body: the Stakeholder Committee (CPP) with 4 colleges comprising an equal number of representatives, in accordance with Article 62 of the AGEC Law and its implementing decree of November 27, 2020

The composition of Léko's CPP reflects the diversity of the players involved in the household packaging and graphic paper sector, notably involving reuse and the different business sectors. Léko includes 3 representatives per college:


Waste prevention and management operators

Local authorities

The associations

The Stakeholder Committee is consulted before certain decisions are taken, as well as for information.

Opinions issued at meetings of Léko's PPCs are made public:

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