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Léko is an eco-organization approved by the French government responsible for managing the Extended Producer Responsibility of companies producing or importing packaged products and graphic paper into France, for the management of household packaging and graphic paper. As such, Léko is authorized to collect eco-contributions from these companies, called "Producers", in proportion to the quantities of packaging and paper placed on the French market each year (article L541-10 of the French Environment Code).

The sums collected by Léko help finance the prevention, collection, sorting, reuse and recycling of this packaging and paper.


Léko is a fully committed player in the circular economy, serving the household packaging and graphic paper sector in France and abroad.

Léko revisits the offer and stimulates the activity of the sector with the ambition to :

  • Helping to reduce the amount of packaging and paper put on the market through reuse and eco-design
  • Simplify processes and assume responsibility for the life-cycle management of packaging and paper by "marketers".
  • Supporting citizens in their sorting gesture and the adoption of a responsible and more environmentally friendly consumption mode
  • Supporting local authorities in their efforts to collect, sort and recycle packaging and paper waste
  • Promote the emergence of innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact of the packaging and paper industry.


If you represent a company that manufactures or imports packaged products and graphic papers for the French consumer market, you are a " metteur en marché " or "Producer ", regardless of the number of products you sell.

To meet your obligations as a "marketer" or "producer", you can either develop your own individual system and handle the end-of-life treatment of all your products' packaging and paper yourself, or, more simply, you can delegate your responsibility as a "Producer" by joining a state-approved eco-organization like Léko.

We also work with managers who act as intermediaries between the Producer Responsability Organisation (PRO) and the producers who entrust them with the task of bringing them into compliance on French territory. We therefore have the tools and skills to manage the compliance of numerous producers simultaneously.

Packaging for take-away food services, bulk sales in stores and overpackaging for distance selling are also covered by the regulations on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

When you join Léko, a few days later you receive your Unique Identification Number (IDU) generated by Ademe, proving your compliance with the EPR for household packaging and graphic paper in the eyes of the French government. You'll also receive the sorting instructions to be applied to your household packaging and graphic paper.

Our 3 possible declarations for 2023

(see changes for 2024 below)

Facturation au forfait
< 20 000 UVC        (Unité de Vente Consommateur)

  • No declaration
  • It can be chosen by customers who place less than 20,000 UVCs per year on the French market.

Déclaration simplifiée
< 500 000 UVC (Unité de Vente Consommateur)

  • Declaration by product family.
  • It can be chosen by customers who place less than 500,000 UVCs per year on the French market.

Detailed declaration by CVU
(Consumer Sales Unit)

  • Declaration of the various UVCs marketed, broken down by weight per material.

Our 2 possible declarations for 2024

From €55 excl.

The 2024 scale is distinguished in particular by :

  • The continuation of the 50% bonus for reusable packaging, initiated by Léko in 2023, which has been included as an obligation in the future specifications for 2024.
  • The elimination of flat-rate invoicing for producers who market small quantities of packaging. Producers now pay the right price, by product family, for each effective unit of packaged product placed on the market. The minimum charge has been reduced to €55 excluding VAT.
  • UVC contribution capped at 50% of total amount per sales unit.
  • The possibility of applying the majority material rule for plastic resins (PET/PE/PP/PS/PSE/XPS) if this represents at least 95% of the total weight of the product.
  • The introduction of a new premium associated with the implementation of circular loops for certain packaging categories.

Detailed declaration by material

  • Declaration of the various CVUs (Consumer Sales Units) marketed, broken down by weight per material.

Simplified declaration by UVC

  • Declaration by product family. It can be chosen by customers who place less than 500,000 UVCs per year on the French market.

Receive your unique identification number in a few days!

Simple and fast



Léko was born out of the RAAN Group 's desire to deploy its activities as an approved eco-organization for the packaging and graphic paper sector, and to advise on Producer Responsibility (PR) throughout the world.

The RAAN Group, to which Léko belongs, operates Producer Responsability Organisation (PRO) in France, Germany, Slovakia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Canada and Finland, and is planning further developments in Europe and across the Atlantic...

The subsidiary RecycleMe which specializes in consulting for companies and institutions, operates as a consulting firm in over ten countries.

Léko offers a wide range of services for producers to help them manage their obligations in France and abroad. French producers can thus benefit from the services of the Reclay group group for their international activities and vice versa; companies that import their products into the French market can benefit from an efficient relay of advice for their regulatory compliance on French territory.


You manufacture in France or import products intended for the general public on the French market sold in a package (from the first product sold).

You are located outside France and sell packaged products directly to French consumers.

You pack products yourself in your store/restaurant for home delivery, shipment to or pick-up by consumers in France.

You are an intermediary or marketplace offering packaging compliance services to companies or third-party vendors.

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