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Major changes since 2022!

Article 2 of Decree no.o2022-975 states that packaging or graphic paper manufactured in France or abroad before 09-09-2022 can be sold off until 09-03-2023. You therefore have the option of packaging and marketing your products after 09-03-2023, provided that the packaging and paper were manufactured before 09-09-2022, and that the person packaging your products took possession of the packaging and paper before 09-03-2023, whether or not they filled the packaging.

With the introduction of these sorting instructions, we're also talking about an extension of the sorting instructions, since from now on ALL household packaging and graphic paper goes into the sorting or glass garbage can, and ALL types of household packaging and graphic paper must carry the sorting instructions.

What do these sorting instructions look like?

How to obtain the sorting instructions files and affix them to your packaging and paper in just 4 steps?

Would you like to comply?

Simple and fast

What risk do you take as a producer if your packaging and paper don't display sorting instructions?

Administrative fines are imposed by DGCCRF inspectors for each infringement observed. They may not exceed €3,000 for an individual and €15,000 for a legal entity, and may be applied to any product that does not bear the TRIMAN label or information on sorting procedures.

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