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Our History

Léko was born in 2016 from the will of the Reclay Group, an eco-organization in Germany, Canada, Austria, Slovakia, Finland, USA and Spain that is also present as a consulting firm in more than a dozen countries.

A new lease of life for EPR of household products in France

At the beginning of the French story, Reclay founded Valorie in 2014, a consulting company in the field of the circular economy of packaging in France. It was in 2016 that the decision was made for the birth of a French eco-organization with Reclay as a founding member through Valorie.

The birth of Léko broke the historical monopoly established in 1992, giving producers the choice between 2 players. Born at the same time as the AGEC law, Léko breathes new life into EPR for household packaging. Léko's flexibility and adaptability enable it to tackle issues with fresh expertise and a fresh perspective.

A simple, effective membership system and attentive listening

In the early days, a few hundred members joined Léko, but in early 2022, the Agec law required marketplaces to bring their merchants into compliance. Léko experienced a meteoric rise, thanks to a simple, efficient membership system and a careful attention to the needs of its producers, whatever their size or sector.

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