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What is eco-design?

Eco-design is an approach that involves integrating environmental criteria right from the product design stage. The product's entire lifecycle is taken into account, from the extraction of raw materials to its manufacture, use, recycling and end-of-life.

In short, the aim is to take into account the life of the packaging from "cradle to grave".

Promoting eco-designed packaging

Léko's mission is to promote the ecological management of household packaging waste.

In this context, its role in eco-design is to promote and support initiatives aimed at designing eco-designed packaging, i.e. packaging with a reduced environmental impact throughout its life cycle. In particular, Léko can support companies in implementing eco-design initiatives by providing tools and technical advice, financing studies, and organizing awareness-raising and recycling training programs.

We can also encourage companies to include environmental criteria in their packaging specifications, and to promote the use of recyclable or reusable packaging.

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