Behind the scenes of packaging and paper


An essential step

The collection of household packaging and graphic paper is an essential stage in waste management.
It consists of collecting household packaging and paper (bottles, flasks, leaflets, boxes, cardboard, etc.) and transporting them to sorting centers, where they are separated and sent for recovery (recycling, reuse, etc.) or treatment (incineration, landfill, etc.).

Collection is carried out by a number of different entities, depending on the local authority and the collection system in place. In general, household packaging is collected by private collection companies commissioned by local authorities via public tenders.

The public service can also provide its own collection service via a public service company (régie publique). These structures are responsible for collecting packaging and paper from households, either door-to-door or on a voluntary basis at specific collection points. In all cases, the aim is to guarantee efficient, regular collection of household packaging and graphic paper for subsequent processing and recycling.

Supporting industry players 

Léko plays a key role in packaging and paper collection. We are responsible for financing the selective collection of household packaging waste and graphic paper from citizens, in partnership with local authorities. In this way, Léko is able to participate in the development of local collection plans, collection methods and sorting instructions for users. More generally, Léko's role is not to impose its vision on local authorities, but to support them in their choices and, through its expertise, enable them to make fully informed decisions. Léko also implements communication and awareness-raising campaigns to encourage citizens to sort their packaging and paper correctly and adopt eco-responsible behavior.

In addition, Léko coordinates the recovery of packaging waste for certain plastic streams, facilitating cooperation between the various players in the collection and processing chain (local authorities, sorting companies, recyclers, etc.). It can also provide financial and technical assistance to encourage the development of high-performance, innovative recovery processes. For example, Léko currently finances out-of-home waste collection initiatives via calls for projects and agreements to cover the costs of cleaning.

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