National Packaging Council

National Packaging Council 1587 1500 admin

All partners Léko is a state-approved, new-generation eco-organization that aims to modernize the household packaging sector in France. Léko recently acquired a new...

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Rcube 1389 1964 admin

All partners A non-profit association governed by the French law of 1901, its aim is to develop Reduction, Reuse and Repurposing in order to extend the life...

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Institute of Commerce

Institute of Commerce 1389 1964 admin

All partners The Institut du Commerce is the only forum in which manufacturers, distributors and all those involved in the food and non-food consumer sector share their vision of the...

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CGI / Moinard

CGI / Moinard 341 296 admin

All partners The Confédération Générale des Importateurs, now in its fifteenth year, brings together over 150 professional importers of non-food manufactured consumer goods. It was created to...

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Cosmed 1389 1964 admin

All partners COSMED defends the interests of VSEs, SMEs and ETIs in the cosmetics sector in France, Europe and internationally. Its contributions and positions on regulatory and scientific...

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Afnum 1389 1964 admin

All partners Afnum (L'Alliance Française des Industries du Numériques) is a collective of companies representing the entire value chain of the industry. Diversity is the mirror of...

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