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National Packaging Council

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Léko is a state-approved, new-generation Producer Responsability Organisation (PRO) that proposes to modernize the household packaging sector in France.

Léko has recently acquired a new board of directors composed of a majority of companies that put packaged products on the French market and of experts in the field of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in France and abroad. These actors, each committed to a positive approach to sustainable development, have the ambition to accompany Léko in its development and to create an innovative alternative to the historical monopoly of the packaging sector.

By capitalizing on the achievements of recent years and accompanying the new provisions of the 2020 anti-waste law for a circular economy, Léko wishes to give this sector a new lease of life in order to contribute effectively and operationally to achieving the ambitious objectives of the French government in terms of the circular economy.

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