Léko launches on social networks!

Léko launches on social networks!

Léko launches on social networks! 500 500 admin-Leko

Léko steps up its mission to raise public awareness of the importance of sorting, reducing and reusing packaging. With the support of consulting firm C-Durable, Léko launches on social networks - Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok in addition to Linkedin.

The aim is to publish practical content on these three mass-market networks, as well as investigations and reports, not forgetting a more entertaining dimension, with challenges and animations. Influencers have begun to embody and publish informative and educational content; Nicolas Meyrieux opened the ball for the launch!

Léko's objective is to fulfill its mission of general interest by actively participating in raising public awareness so that, collectively, every French person can contribute to improving packaging reduction, collection and recycling performance in France!

It's simple, whether it's the yellow bin or the glass bin, today all packaging can be sorted!

So don't hesitate to subscribe to our social networks and share so that we can all become pros at sorting, reducing and reusing packaging!

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