Valorplast, Léko's new partner

Valorplast, Léko's new partner

Valorplast, Léko's new partner 647 431 admin-Leko

In response to a call for tenders, Léko chose Valorplast to help manage certain household plastic packaging waste streams from its sorting centers. Under the terms of the contract, approved eco-organizations for household packaging and graphic paper are entrusted with the task of taking charge of these flows in order to direct them towards the best regeneration channels and improve their recycling rate. By relying on the expertise of this recognized national player, already at the service of numerous local authorities, Léko guarantees them the efficiency of the take-back service, the stability of their activities, and the traceability and security essential to the management of the plastic waste they collect.

Through the mission entrusted to Valorplast, Léko works transparently and openly with those involved in plastics sorting and recycling, thus ensuring the recycling of this type of plastic packaging. Since the beginning of 2024, Valorplast has been taking over, on behalf of Léko and its 12 local authorities, the development stream made up of flexible and rigid household plastic packaging from their sorting centers.

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Since 1993, Valorplast has supported three strategic initiatives to develop the circular economy of plastic packaging:

  • Increase the recycling rate for household plastic packaging, in particular through eco-design,
  • Guarantee high-quality recycled plastic to ensure high value-added outlets for these materials,
  • Innovating to co-construct the recycling channels of the future.

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