Léko brings together 13 partner communities

Léko brings together 13 partner communities

Léko brings together 13 partner communities 500 500 admin-Leko

Since 1st of January, 2024, Léko has been under contract with 13 local authorities for the new approval period, covering 1.3M inhabitants.

To achieve this, Léko has embarked on a transparent, collaborative approach to informing and convincing local authorities to contract with Léko after a 30-year relationship with the historic player.

Léko's contract with local authorities incorporates the elements set out in the specifications and the specific features of the service offered by Léko, and will serve as a basis for drawing up the single standard contract for eco-organizations, whereby Léko will take back from the local authorities with which it has a contract, the flows corresponding to the development flow standards and the simplified plastic sorting model. Léko also offers to take back sorting center rejects, providing local authorities with a guaranteed take-back service in all circumstances, free of charge.

Local authorities, as well as their stakeholders, sorting centers and recyclers, now have access to a brand new dedicated online management and traceability space: MyLéko. It is the fruit of consultation with users, with a view to simplifying declaration processes and guaranteeing traceability of their volumes, in order to access subsidies and build a balanced relationship of trust between the eco-organization and local authorities.

In addition to supporting the recycling operations of local authorities, Léko also supports local authority investments. This primarily concerns the investments required to set up out-of-home collection systems, but also measures to support local authority projects aimed at optimizing the technical and economic aspects of collection and sorting. In order to meet European targets, collection performance will have to improve.

The aim will continue to be, through support measures, to encourage the deployment of best practices in selective collection, while enabling local authorities to manage their collection as efficiently as possible and according to local needs. Working groups will enable local authorities to participate directly and concretely in the definition of calls for projects launched by Léko, such as collection and sorting, out-of-home collection, reuse and communication.

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