Call for Reuse Projects 2023

Would you like to take part in our call for "reuse" projects and benefit from Léko's support?

Léko launches its call for "Reuse" projects as part of its contribution to national targets for household packaging reuse. A budget of around one million euros has been earmarked for 2023 to support projects to develop reuse and thus accelerate the transition to solutions that reduce the impact of packaging on the environment.

Applications can be submitted until July 13, 2023. Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis for selection in July 2023.

Important information:

All the information relating to this call for projects can be found in the specifications, which can be downloaded and consulted before completing and sending the application file.

Who can participate?

Producers of household packaging, alone or in groups

Reuse actors: collection, washing, manufacturers of reusable packaging, design offices

Catering and takeaway companies

Local authorities on their own behalf and/or on behalf of local players

Associations involved in reuse

What project to propose?

Operational testing of the various stages in the value chain

Feasibility studies

Opinion and desirability research

Research and development (R&D) initiatives

Materials: equipment, software, communication tools and operations

What are the eligibility criteria?

Project compliance with downloadable specifications

Total cost of the project and amount of Léko support expected in euros

The project's potential contribution to national reuse targets (5% in 2023, 10% in 2027)

Potential environmental benefits, opportunities for industrialization, job creation and technical progress

The long-term technical and economic viability of the project


Application on French territory (metropolitan france and french overseas departments and territories)

First expenses incurred in 2023

Download application documents

Download application documents

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