Retail 4 Change

Retail 4 Change 1587 1500 admin

All the partners Retail 4 Change is an association whose mission is to encourage and sustain consumer-citizen commitment to the reuse of food containers...

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Circul'R 1389 1964 admin

All partners Circul'R is a consulting firm dedicated to the circular economy and sustainable innovation. It connects companies, start-ups and investors to foster collaboration...

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Transition Pack

Transition Pack 1389 1964 admin

Tous les partenaires Pack en transition is an association focused on transforming packaging to make it more ecological and responsible. It brings together industry players to rethink...

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Co Pack Chair

Co Pack Chair 1389 1964 admin

All partners The Copack Chair is an academic entity dedicated to research and innovation in sustainable packaging. It collaborates with companies to develop...

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