The solar sprays of Biarritz laboratories

The solar sprays of Biarritz laboratories

The solar sprays of Biarritz laboratories 646 431 admin

Les Laboratoires de Biarritzwere founded in 2010 by Muriel and Jean-Marc Dubois, a visionary couple with a passion for surfing and nature.

The couple's first launch was a range of skin- and ocean-friendly suncare products, inspired by a red algae found on France's western Atlantic coast.

Thanks to their exceptional defense and protection mechanisms, these marine organisms have survived for millennia in hostile environments.

The range of sun sprays is 100% natural and certified organic (ECOCERT). Concerning packaging, Les Laboratoires de Biarritz offers an Airless pack for high protection of the formula, with a minimum use of preservatives. The Airless system enables products to be preserved in the best possible way by preventing air from entering the tubes. Airless packaging protects preparations from oxidation and pollution, for greater efficacy and longevity of skincare products. What's more, the Airless solution eliminates wastage, since the product is fully dispensed, avoiding residues and wastage.

This algae is present in the brand's SPF30 and SPF50+ sun sprays. These provide high natural protection thanks to their anti-UVA/UVB mineral screens and their patented extract of the famous red algae used, Alga-Gorria®, a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals to prevent cell damage and skin aging induced by solar radiation. Their other main active ingredients include mineral screens (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide), sunflower oil and organic coconut oil.

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