The Reclay group, rewarded in Germany

The Reclay group, rewarded in Germany

The Reclay group, rewarded in Germany 800 594 admin

In a study carried out by the German Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF), Deutschland Test and Focus, Reclay was awarded in the "Germany's Best - Sustainability" category. In the questionnaire, online news portals and social networks were evaluated on pre-defined search terms.

The survey examined which companies and brands were mentioned, how often, and what tone the mention had (positive, neutral, negative). The winner in each sector was awarded 100 points on a scale from 0 to 100, and thus served as a benchmark for all other companies in the same sector.

Reclay Group among the top 7 consulting companies in Germany:

The Reclay Group was ranked in 7th place in the "Business Consultants" sector with a score of 82. "Having already been voted trend-setter of the year in business consulting last year, this new award is further confirmation and recognition of innovative performance in the (inter)national circular economy environment," enthuses Reclay founder and CEO Raffael A. Fruscio. "Just over a year ago, we outsourced our consulting services and founded RecycleMe as an independent consulting company. The fact that we have already received our second award for this consulting service in the first year makes us very proud. Regardless of whether the associated publication in Focus magazine mentions Reclay or RecycleMe as the company name - we see this as an extremely positive sign for the direction and commitment of our entire group of companies."

Raffael A. Fruscio is also convinced that the Reclay Group's ranking can also be seen as a showcase for the circular economy industry in Germany. When a company with its roots in recycling solutions and environmental management is ranked in a category with major consultants such as Roland Berger, Accenture or Boston Consulting, it proves the growing importance of the circular economy in the eyes of the public. "And it's precisely this public perception that our industry needs. The circular economy can only work together - legislators, industry and consumers must work together if we are serious about tackling challenges such as resource shortages and environmental pollution. We will continue to make our contribution and provide our expertise and know-how to make the right solutions available."

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