New sorting signs for household packaging: information and deadlines

New sorting signs for household packaging: information and deadlines

New sorting signs for household packaging: information and deadlines 560 420 admin

Since the end of 2021, producers and brands of household products have been invited to change the sorting instructions on their packaging. Indeed, the "throw away" instructions are no longer appropriate in most of France. From now on, ALL household packaging must be sorted, either in the traditional "yellow bins", or in the glass bins. Eventually, once the entire country has switched over to this sorting system, no packaging of any kind should be thrown away mixed with household garbage. Léko has worked with the other eco-organization to set up this new sorting system, which has been approved by the public authorities.

Léko's aim is to make its members' voices heard in favor of signage that is both easy for producers to implement and an incentive for consumers.

What's new?

  • Clearly indicate the need to separate packaging components made of different materials before placing them in the sorting bin.
  • Adapt signage to the nature of the products and the countries in which they are marketed, by judiciously combining pictograms with text.
  • Wherever possible, use simplified color codes to clearly highlight the green bin for glass packaging and the yellow bin for all other packaging. The same simplicity will be applied in the field, with garbage cans whose colors are currently being harmonized throughout France.

It's important that the graphic universe of sorting instructions be respected to facilitate their identification by consumers, whatever the brand or product. However, marketers have some leeway to adapt the message to their products, depending on the size, type and color of their packaging. Several versions (pictograms only, text only, text and pictograms) are available, as well as a "multi-country" signage option.

The sooner these new deposits can be implemented, the better. However, the regulations provide for an implementation deadline of September 2022, with a stock-out tolerance until March 2023 for products affected by household packaging regulations only. An additional deadline of June 15, 2023 has been granted for products involved in multiple channels and marking evolutions. From these dates onwards, all packaging available for sale to consumers will have to bear the new label, unless otherwise stipulated by law.

Léko provides its members with a user's guide and graphic files enabling them to create signage adapted to their needs. Questions can be addressed directly to:

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