Renewed confidence in Léko

Renewed confidence in Léko

Renewed confidence in Léko 600 371 admin
On February 9, 2023, the EPR inter-sector commission(CiFREP), made up of representatives of marketers, local authorities, consumer and environmental protection organizations, organizations representing the social economy, waste operators and public authorities, voted overwhelmingly (74%) in favor of extending Léko's authorization to manage the household packaging sector.

This opinion was endorsed by the public authorities' decision to extend Léko's approval.

The entire team that has been working since 2019 to launch the business on the basis of the first approval is delighted with this decision. It confirms the need and desire of players in the sector for an alternative to the historical monopoly. This pluralism makes it possible to revitalize the approach by offering different types of support to players, to intensify everyone's commitment and reduce the impact of packaging on the environment.

The 2022 reporting period is over!

During the first quarter, the many Léko members (60,000) had to declare their packaging sales for the year 2022. They were able to try out the new "MyLéko" interface, designed to simplify the process.
More than a dozen group training sessions and individual coaching sessions were held to help producers familiarize themselves with this new tool. Overall, feedback has been very positive. A satisfaction questionnaire will be sent out to producers in the next few days to gather their impressions and suggestions for further improving the process and user experience.

As a reminder, it is a contractual and legal obligation for producers to provide Producer Responsability Organisation (PRO) with annual marketing declarations for each of the sectors for which they are eligible (Packaging, Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Textiles, Furniture, etc.). Failure to comply with this obligation may result in the withdrawal of the unique identification numbers allocated by ADEME, and possible administrative fines.

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