Prepare yourself with Léko for the regulatory changes of 2023!

Prepare yourself with Léko for the regulatory changes of 2023!

Prepare yourself with Léko for the regulatory changes of 2023! 505 626 admin

Here is a compilation of the regulations that come into force at the start of the year:

  • The beginnings of regulations on the proportion of reusable packaging to be placed on the market (Decree no. 2022-507),
    From 2023, producers with sales of over €50 million in France will have to market at least 5% reusable packaging. In general, 2023 will be a decisive year for the launch of reuse projects, with the aim of achieving the 10% target by 2027 for all companies. From 2023 onwards, Léko will devote 5% of its contributions to this goal.
  • Drawing up a Prevention and Eco-design Plan (AGEC law, article 72),
    This plan must be completed by 2023 for the next 5 years, and must be submitted to Léko by its members. It must include information on the reduction, reuse, origin of raw materials, consumption of recycled materials and recyclability of household packaging placed on the market.
  • Providing consumers with information on the environmental characteristics of household packaging (Decree no. 2022-748),
    From January 1, 2023, producers, importers or any other marketers declaring at least 10,000 relevant products placed on the market each year, and with sales in excess of 10 million euros in France, will have to inform consumers of the environmental qualities and characteristics of waste-generating products. For household packaging, this means communicating on recyclability, the incorporation of recycled materials, compostability and reusability, and must be available to consumers in a dematerialized, reusable format that can be accessed free of charge at the time of purchase.
  • Deadline for implementation of new sorting instructions
    The deadline for stock disposal will end on March 9, 2023, except for packaging manufactured before 09/09/2022 and taken over by the packer before 09/03/2023, whether or not the packer has filled the packaging. The latter can still be marketed beyond this date without the new sorting instructions, until the stock runs out. As of March 9, 2023, all new packaging must bear the new sorting or reuse signage. Other deadlines are set for 2023 for products covered by both the packaging EPR and other EPRs: textiles, WEEE, medicines, furnishings, etc.
  • Producer contributions to clean-up litter
    From 2023 onwards, through their contribution to the Producer Responsability Organisation (PRO), producers will contribute to the cost of cleaning up litter for household packaging.

1, Decree in application of article 13 of the AGEC law, and article L541-9-1 of the Environment Code

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