AuthoriseMe: A new service from consulting firm RecycleMe

AuthoriseMe: A new service from consulting firm RecycleMe

AuthoriseMe: A new service from consulting firm RecycleMe 1600 644 admin-Leko

AuthoriseMe, the new service from Léko's partner RecycleMe, offers support in matters of territorial representation within the framework of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

Several EU countries, such as Spain and Austria, have introduced new legislation requiring companies selling their products abroad who do not have a head office in the country concerned to appoint officially registered agents to represent them. This legislation stems from the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme, which commits producers to the entire life cycle of their products.

Foreign companies now faced with the need to have an authorized representative registered locally to comply with these regulations are provided with an innovative solution by AuthoriseMe, enabling manufacturers to designate the platform as their single service provider to deliver this authorization. Thanks to its digital process, AuthoriseMe becomes a central point of contact for manufacturers, taking care of various EPR-related obligations, such as selecting the responsibility system, registering with the required eco-organizations and declaring the quantities placed on the market.

Available initially in Spain and Austria, the service will gradually be rolled out in other EU countries, such as Finland, Greece and Portugal. This initiative responds to the challenges posed by EPR regulations, which make manufacturers responsible for the entire life cycle of their products and packaging.

AuthoriseMe's founder, Raffael A. Fruscio, is convinced that this service will meet the growing needs of companies faced with increasingly stringent regulations in the field of the circular economy and the protection of natural resources. Drawing on his entrepreneurial experience, Raffael A. Fruscio offers manufacturers the support they need to navigate this complex legal landscape. TheAuthoriseMe website provides potential customers with essential information and a digital platform for appointing a representative, thus considerably simplifying the EPR authorization process.

Part of a group of companies that includes Reclay and RecycleMe, AuthoriseMe draws on a strong international network and over 20 years of expertise in waste management, recycling and the circular economy. As a pioneer in digital authorization in the EPR field, AuthoriseMe is committed to supporting manufacturers in their legal compliance and helping them overcome the legal challenges associated with evolving environmental regulations.

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