Info-tri national campaign

Info-tri national campaign

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The new 2023 national info-sort communication campaign has begun! LÉKO and 20 other EPR eco-organizations have taken part in the development of this campaign run by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition.

The aim? To ensure that everyone knows about the sorting information on packaging and products, so as to improve sorting habits!

The Info-tri graphic charter has been harmonized on all products and packaging to enable consumers to identify it quickly and easily.

This signage includes the triman logo, common to all sorting instructions, which indicates that the product or packaging must be sorted and not disposed of in household waste. It is accompanied by the Info-tri specific to the product or packaging, enabling consumers to know exactly where it should be disposed of at the end of its life.

In the household packaging sector, sorting instructions have been extended for the past 2 years: ALL household packaging must be placed in the yellow sorting bin 🟡 and in the green bin for glass 🟢, the aim being to simplify the sorting process and increase the quantity of packaging recycled.

You can also find explanatory content about Info-tri on the website of the French Ministry of Ecological Transition: https: //

If you're a marketer wishing to comply by affixing the Info-tri label to your packaging, you'll find the steps to follow here!

To find out how to sort, just look!

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