The Consignee, a priority for our members and our new partners

The Consignee, a priority for our members and our new partners

The Consignee, a priority for our members and our new partners 900 573 admin

La Consigne, a priority for our and Club-Mate members, and a commitment from new partners like La Tournée!

The Consigne, a priority for our members and Club-Mate and the commitment of new partners such as La Tournée !

The aim of the deposit is simple: to reuse packaging rather than throw it away. Whether the deposit is accompanied by an additional sum to be paid when purchasing a product, which is recovered as soon as the packaging is returned to the store, or not, the aim is to wash the packaging before refilling it. Goodbye to single-use packaging!

The environmental challenges we are currently facing strongly encourage the development of deposits among marketers. As a reminder, the 3R Strategy has been put in place to ensure that companies integrate 5% of reusable packaging by 2023, and 10% by 2027, based on their sales.

At Léko, several of our members have adopted this type of packaging, which is one of their strengths. The deposit has many advantages: it saves 33% of water compared to a new bottle, reduces energy consumption by 76% and emits 79% fewer greenhouse gases. A returnable glass bottle can be reused up to 50 times!

What's more, with raw materials becoming increasingly scarce and the price of new bottles having risen by 45%, it's only natural that deposits are making a strong comeback as a common-sense solution.

Take the example of, founded 2 years ago, the company offers wine in reusable glass bottles, organic and vegan, committed winemakers, preserved biodiversity, and a B Corp label! Their mission is to promote sustainable agriculture and a benevolent way of consuming by committing to responsible attitudes and choices on a daily basis on the subjects of deposits, zero waste logistics and the Oé program for biodiversity. Their premises are even powered by renewable energy!

However, Oé has hit a wall today: the shortage of silica. Glassmakers can no longer give reliable production dates and therefore bottle supply for bottling their wines, so the company has decided to switch from transparent to green bottles for its white wines. Why did they do this? Because green bottles emit 2 times less carbon than the new glass used in transparent bottles. In fact, green bottles are made from a maximum of 75% recycled glass (and the rest new silica), compared with a maximum of 30% recycled glass to manufacture a transparent bottle.

Other brands have also opted for the deposit system, such as Club-Mate, a Léko member from the outset, and a member of the Board of Directors. Club-Mate offers a stimulating, fizzy infusion of 100% natural yerba maté in returnable glass bottles manufactured since 1924 in Germany by the Loscher family brewery located in the Bavarian forest. Powered solely by renewable energies since the early 2000s, the production unit is carbon-neutral. Always attentive to the details of its environmental commitment, the brewery has also chosen vegetable-based glue for the labels on Club-Mate bottles.

You can find Oé and Club-Mate at La Tournée, imagined in spring 2021 by Camille and Juliette. Launched in November of the same year, La Tournée passes through your neighborhood several times a week in an electric vehicle, delivering the drinks you want in returnable glass bottles. With each delivery, the empty bottles are collected in exchange for a deposit so that they can be washed and reused. Consumers can choose from a range of well-known beverage brands, as well as local brands - a great way to consume local and zero waste!

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