We are celebrating our 50,000 members and our new baseline!

We are celebrating our 50,000 members and our new baseline!

We are celebrating our 50,000 members and our new baseline! 600 397 admin

A hundred by 2020, 800 by 2021, and today 50,000 companies have joined Léko since January 1, 2022! This growth, made possible by the major brands that now place their trust in Léko, has also been boosted by online sales sites known as marketplaces, which host a multitude of third-party sellers, or "merchants".

These marketplaces must now ensure that the companies selling on their platforms meet their regulatory obligations in the same way as traditional retailers, and that they fairly finance the management of waste generated by their activity in France. Third-party sellers can sign up directly with approved eco-organizations, which provide them with their unique identification number (IDU) issued by ADEME. In the absence of direct compliance, marketplaces must assume this responsibility on behalf of their merchants.

Failure to meet these obligations can result in penalties of up to €7,500 per legal entity, and administrative fines of up to €30,000.

"These third-party sellers, who should have been helped to comply a long time ago (decree of April 1, 1992), have been alerted by their marketplaces, which have a new responsibility as of January 1, 2022, in accordance with the AGEC law. These sellers have massively chosen Léko to comply with these new regulations," explains Marion Halby, Léko's Regulatory Affairs Manager. We play an essential educational role here, with structures that don't necessarily have a legal department. We simplify their task by raising awareness, enabling them to contribute to the organization of the end-of-life of their packaging in France.

"Léko was able to assist us with our specific problems and help us thanks to their expertise," says Diane Maffre, sustainable supply chain manager at ManoMano. ManoManoa well-known DIY and gardening Marketplace that recently joined Léko.

Léko illustrates the acceleration of its commitment to all its stakeholders by adopting a new signature. From a new-generation eco-organization at its launch, Léko has become the eco-organization for responsible companies. More global than the environmental impact of packaging, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is at the heart of our members' concerns," explains Lucile Fainéant, Léko's Marketing and Communications Manager. With this new signature, we are asserting our determination to work alongside them to go further together!"

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