Repack: zero-waste parcels

Repack: zero-waste parcels

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As both a partner and a member of Léko, RePack eliminates packaging waste from e-commerce.

RePack offers a reusable parcel service for e-tailers committed to the transition to more responsible commerce. It's a revolutionary solution for online stores wishing to reduce their environmental impact while improving their customer experience.

E-commerce sales in France grew by 15.1% overall in 2021, according to Fevad*. The 8% increase in product sales has had the direct effect of delivering ever more parcels. With packaging-related carbon emissions accounting for up to 30% of total e-commerce CO2 equivalent emissions, it is imperative to encourage the development of alternative solutions to traditional single-use parcel packaging.

How does RePack work?

In practice, brands ship their products in reusable RePack packages, and their customers return the empty RePack free of charge by post. RePack centralizes these returns, manages storage and carries out quality control before restocking the brands.
With RePack reusable packaging offered as a value-added service, brands simply replace their single-use packaging, and RePack takes care of all the logistics involved in reusing the packaging.

A response to market expectations.

With no less than 91% of French people considering it important to reduce waste, according to YouGov 2020 data**, and 90% of consumers expecting brands to get involved and help them consume better, according to Oney 2020 data***, consumer demand is omnipresent.
For those companies that have already adopted RePack, they see it as an asset to differentiate themselves by offering a responsible shipping service.

What's more, the RePack service provides a cost-effective solution for e-tailers affected by the rising cost of raw materials - up 30% for cardboard between 2020 and 2021, according to UFIPA. Some e-tailers even choose to charge the cost of a RePack to customers who appreciate this innovative offer, even if it means reimbursing them in the form of a discount voucher on their next purchase.
RePack reusable parcels are therefore an ideal solution at every level to meet the new challenges of e-commerce.

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*Fevad 2022 data
** YouGov 2020 data
*** Oney 2020 data

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