Léa Nature: chewable toothpaste

Léa Nature: chewable toothpaste

Léa Nature: chewable toothpaste 1000 1000 admin

Always on the lookout for more innovative solutions to reduce its impact on the environment, Léa Nature, a militant member and early partner of Léko, has come up with a new toothpaste that is, to say the least, original: it's chewable!

One tablet = one use: the new toothbrushing experience!

All you have to do is crunch the tablet, then brush as usual. This new gesture offers a unique sensorial experience.

In addition to its 100% natural & vegan toothpaste formula, Léa Nature also aims to reduce the ecological impact of its packaging: doing away with the classic plastic and aluminum tube and replacing it with an eco-designed, 100% recyclable box. In France, no less than 180 million tubes of toothpaste are used and then thrown away every year, but most of them are not recycled.

To alleviate this problem, Léa Nature offers its chewable toothpaste in a 100% recyclable cardboard box, made from wood from PEFC or FSC certified sustainably managed forests: one tree cut down = one tree replanted. Proximity is also one of the group's key concerns: its cardboard boxes are manufactured in France, less than 3 hours from its production site, thus reducing its carbon footprint!

In addition to their more responsible packaging, solid products have a simpler, healthier composition. Certain harmful ingredients found in the formulas of conventional tube toothpastes are not used in solid toothpastes, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Triclosan and Phenoxyethanol. Water-free, chewable toothpaste is a more compact product, making it easier for users to take with them when traveling, and allowing them to consume the right amount of product for effective brushing, without waste.

Léa Nature is revolutionizing hygiene and cosmetics by offering meaningful alternatives and making our daily practices healthier and more environmentally friendly!

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