Léko signs a partnership with France Consigne

Léko signs a partnership with France Consigne

Léko signs a partnership with France Consigne 1885 1706 admin-Leko

In keeping with its strategy of working with specialists in their field, Léko is proud to announce this new partnership with France Consigne to promote and widely deploy packaging reuse throughout France.

On the one hand, Léko supports the association's development, and on the other hand, it provides financial assistance to producers wishing to make the transition to packaging reuse. 50% of the cost of assistance provided by the association's member operators is covered, and Léko also finances feasibility studies for specific applications. Producers taking part in this program are thus supported in their transition. They benefit from technical expertise and highly operational support to help them adapt and optimize their production processes to the requirements of reuse.

To benefit from this financial support, producers are invited to join Léko in order to meet their regulatory obligations. If they are already members of a Producer Responsability Organisation (PRO), they can cancel their current contract before October 31, 2023, and join for 2024 by the end of the year. If they do not belong to a Producer Responsability Organisation (PRO), they can join Léko at any time.

Through this collaboration, Léko actively participates in customized experiments and tests, aimed at meeting the specific needs of producers and reuse channels. This tailor-made approach bears witness to our determination to work hand-in-hand with the players involved to find innovative and appropriate solutions to make packaging reuse as easy as possible.

In addition to the financial and technical aspects, this partnership also includes a communications dimension. Léko and France Consigne will work together at events such as trade shows and regional gatherings. The aim of this joint presence is to make a wider public aware of the benefits of reusing packaging and the widespread adoption of this consumption method.

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