Procircular, a new Producer Responsability Organisation (PRO) in Spain: The Raan Group expands!

Procircular, a new Producer Responsability Organisation (PRO) in Spain: The Raan Group expands!

Procircular, a new Producer Responsability Organisation (PRO) in Spain: The Raan Group expands! 600 400 admin

After Germany, Canada, Austria, Slovakia, France and Finland, the Raan Group and its subsidiary Reclay - the driving force behind the creation of Léko in France - is expanding into Spain with the creation of a new Producer Responsability Organisation (PRO) for packaging: Procircular!

Procircular is a collective system of extended producer responsibility: Sistema Colectivo de Responsabilidad Ampliada del Productor (SCRAP) for household, commercial and industrial packaging initiated by Reclay, the international leader in the implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

This new structure, managed by Reclay Iberia, has been created to help producers comply with stricter legislation and to give new impetus to the recovery of packaging waste in Spain, in response to the industry's growing demand for high-quality recycled raw materials.

The Procircular model

Producers can contact Procircular now to sign up for 2024. This will enable them to meet their extended producer responsibility obligations from a single source, providing for the first time in Spain a comprehensive solution for household, industrial and commercial packaging. Procircular's waste management model, with its open and transparent governance system, will encourage the active participation of all producers in decision-making.

Procircular believes it's time for the circular economy to take a step forward in Spain. To achieve this, the company will support producers throughout the packaging life cycle: from design to waste management. The new system brings to the Spanish market the Raan/Reclay Group's knowledge and experience in eco-design, recyclability and the management of sorting and recycling processes, in order to achieve a better use of materials. With over twenty years' experience in operating EPR systems, the Raan/Reclay Group currently coordinates the activities of nine eco-organizations in Europe and America.

Important: From 2023, new Spanish regulations will require foreign companies exporting their products to Spain to appoint a legal representative.

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